The future of Selfies in public spaces

​New company ​Mira has released its first eponymous product, ​Mira Cam​, which is set to revolutionize the future of ‘the selfie’ in public spaces: a fully-automated camera system to seamlessly capture studio-quality images, completely hands-free.

Founded by multidisciplinary design firm ​Cactus ​– ​whose revolutionary projects include ​Lab100​, ​Rise Nation​, and ​the Color Factory aura rooms ​– ​Mira cleverly integrates technology and smart design to encourage people to detach from their devices and enjoy their surroundings, without missing a photo op.

Thoughtfully created for spaces like museums, exhibitions, or experiences to capture photos, videos, time-lapses, boomerangs and GIFs, Mira is fast becoming an indispensable design component in places like the ​Color Factory​, ​Genius Gems​, and the newly opened ​Sloomoo Slime Institute​. Its applications are universal — zoos, public art installations, cultural institutions, sports facilities, amusement parks and more can now benefit from Mira’s game-changing technology-based platform. ​Mira systems can also be used on a short-term basis for events and pop-ups, elevating the idea of a photo booth to a whole new level allowing for dozens of cameras distributed throughout instead of one cameras with a long line of impatient guests.

“Mira is poised to change how we engage with space,” explains Mira CEO, Marin Kim. “Consumers and brands alike are looking for ways to make real connections beyond those that exist on their devices. Mira was designed to bring back the human element in human interaction while still preserving the technological practices that have become an integral part of our social fabric — and in the process, Mira itself is changing how people interact with one another and in physical space.”

Mira’s initial concept stemmed from the world of experiential design. As spaces created “instagrammable moments,” the Mira team sought to invent a system in which these moments could be captured in a simple way, without disrupting the experience itself.

“Our real mission as a company is to get people to put down their phones and connect with environments and each other in ways that are meaningful, inspiration, or just plain fun,“ said Noah Waxman, Mira co-founder and CBO, and Cactus co-founder and head of strategy. “The ‘aha’ moment for Mira came to us when we observed people inside amazing entertainment venues. They were so busy trying to capture the perfect Instagram shot, that they failed to fully engage with their surroundings. Mira was born to get people out of their phones and into the moment without sacrificing the perfect ‘selfie’.’”

The “Photography Service” void Mira fills is an increasingly vital concern for brands of all industries. When engaging visitors in the brand experience, these guests need to be able to get lost in the moment, while still sharing their experiences with their friends — and not put one ahead of the other. Mira bridges this gap, providing a service that empowers guests to leave their phones in their pockets and live in the experience.

How it Works

The system is intuitive and simple. When visitors enter, they receive a “trigger” selected by the brand — such as a unique QR code card or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) bracelet. From there, they can use their trigger to activate Mira in any space where the camera system is set up. When the trigger is activated, a preview screen engages with a countdown that allows the visitor to set up the perfect shot. All images are then sent digitally to the guest instantly and simultaneously saved on a private gallery for them to visit after their visit.

Mira is specially customized for each space it inhabits. The camera case is designed to blend into the space around it, and ​professional quality flash is embedded in the space to ensure the best photo lighting based on 3D studies of the space. Markers on the floor also suggest to users the location for the perfect shot.

“I think what will attract companies to Mira is its high-quality camera technology, but what will attract customers is how they receive photos,” adds Lucas Werthein, Mira co-founder and CTO, and Cactus co-founder and head of technology and production. “The digital album is a reminder

of how you enjoyed the experience, rather than how much time and effort you had to spend documenting it.”

Mira installations are individually tailored to each environment and composition, and can even be branded with company logos or watermarks. Whether freestanding, overhead, underfoot, on the wall, or even in the wall, Mira cameras can be mounted just about anywhere to capture aerial and environmental shots that no other photo system can provide.

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