Post Floor & Wall lamp from Muuto

Introduced alongside the Kink Vase as the first-ever designs by Rotterdam-based Earnest Studio for Muuto, the Post Floor & Wall Lamp bring new perspectives to modern lighting through their advanced functionality, graphic character and simple lines.

Comprised of a base and two lighting units, the Post Floor Lamp allows the user to position each individual lighting unit anywhere on the base, turning each to their desired position and dimming the light intensity up and down for each individual lighting unit, according to individual and spatial needs.

Both lighting units of the Post Floor Lamp are plugged into a central power hub with a central on-off switch that can turn all connected lighting units on and off at the same time, while each lighting unit can also be switched off individually. Using magnetic cable drops, the cord from each lighting unit can be attached to the base. If desired, the user can add an additional lighting unit to the design.

The Post Wall Lamp echoes the forward-thinking functionality and graphic expression of its floor counterpart while being applied through magnetism onto a wall-mounted metal bracket. Here, the user can turn the lighting unit around a 360° angle as well as adjusting the light intensity up and down through a subtle touch on the unit. Through the use of magnetic cable drops, the lighting unit’s cord can be arranged in playful or linear formations on the wall.


Earnest Studio was founded by American-born, Rotterdam-based designer Rachel Griffin. With a background in graphic design, she spent five years producing exhibitions and books before moving to the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. She launched her own studio in 2012, with a focus on furniture, lighting and accessories.

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