Alma Hotel concept Valencia

Alexander Martin Architects were appointed to design a hotel concept within the L’Antic Colonial showroom at the Porcelanosa headquarters outside Valencia, Spain.

The project focuses on a sequence of spaces, in which the public functions of a hotel – reception, bar & restaurant are separated by two sensorial boxes, leading the visitor on a defined pathway. 

Inspired by day and night, the first box is clad in polished white marble, and lined with ceramics chosen for their response to daylight in pattern and reflection.

The second box is clad in black limestone, with an interior that employs a rich palette, where backlit onyx and gold evoke an atmosphere of opulence appropriate to a luxury hotel.

The showroom is encased by a translucent curtain, which alludes to the presence of the internal spaces without declaring them from the outside.

Alexander Martin Architects is a London based architecture and interior design studio.

Photography by Rubén Poré Castellar.

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