Dystopian vision of the future from Superflux

This new immersive artwork from internationally acclaimed designers and artists, Superflux, transports visitors to an apartment, set in the second half of the 21st century, and gives them the opportunity to experience how we might live in a world transformed by global warming.

The installation was originally part of 2219: Futures Imagined, at ArtScience Museum, for the Singapore Bicentennial. It is set in a future Singaporean HBD apartment that looks out onto the flooded city that has been transformed to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The installation, “Mitigation of Shock” gives visitors the opportunity to experience the lived consequences of global warming, exploring a world transformed by food insecurity and climate extremities at home, and in their local community.

Before visitors even enter the apartment of the future, they find a kayak resting against the outside wall and once inside they understand its necessity. Visitors pass ponchos, snorkelling equipment and fishing spears are made from old circuit boards before arriving at the living space where a rations card sitting alongside books entitled “Pets As Proteins” and “How to Cook in a Time of Scarcity”. Looking out the window past the aluminium storm shutter it’s clear that the sea level has flooded and that some parts of the street are so deep that it’s impossible for a person to stand. The kayak has become the family’s only way to navigate the flooded city.

The world has irrevocably changed and the family home is now a space to not only live, but to survive. Mitigation of Shock has now also been set in London in 2050:

The ambition of “Mitigation of Shock” is to show us what we cannot see today – a future where extreme weather conditions, economic uncertainty and broken global supply chains have changed the world as we know it. But there is hope. The resourcefulness of people, and their radical adaptations to survive and prosper in a changed world, shows us the possibilities of creating new worlds and new ways of living.

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