House P from MDDM STUDIO

Located on the north side of Beijing is an apartment that occupies the top two floors of a local townhouse. MDDM STUDIO were tasked with energising the space with their use of open plan and vibrant colour.

In the first floor the design aimed to open the entire floor to a big living space. The existing staircase had been demolished, partition walls had been removed and several structural walls had been perforated to improve the movement between different functional areas.

The space is zoned by build in furniture, creating rooms without the need of solid partition or doors. The result is a continuous space flow between livingroom, entrance, dining room, kitchen and playroom.

To further lighten the space the new staircase as well as the landing on the second floor are made in perforated white steel panels. The permeable and bright surface of the staircase let the natural light from the west double height windows to penetrate into the house. During the late afternoon the play of light and shadow of the stairs creates a special atmosphere inside the apartment. 

The color palette of the house reflects the energy of the young family living there. The floor and the ceiling are two parallel, horizontal surfaces in cement in between which different colorful elements are inset: the yellow walls give an energetic environment to the house. The bathrooms are defined by colorful terrazzo floor and white cabinets. 

The master bedroom has a large wooden niche for the bed leaving a generous area in front of the large windows.

On the 3rd  floor of the house, a small studio is placed at the end of the staircase near the entrance of the large rooftop terrace. 

MDDM STUDIO is an architectural firm based in Beijing and Berlin founded by Margret Domko and Momo Andrea Destro.

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