Modernist Kit Homes from Hygge Supply

Hygge Supply Offers Prospective Buyers and Design Enthusiasts a Chance to Experience and Plan Their Own Home Build.

The company is now offering a chance to stay in their ultimate kit home Birch Le House, via the boutique short-term rental arm of the company Hygge Stay. The modern home features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, awe-inspiring furniture, and top of the line finishes from partner companies that share their passion for contemporary Scandinavian design and environmental sustainability. The Birch Le home is located in Lake Leelanau, Michigan and is surrounded by freshwater coastline, wineries, restaurants, antique shops and organic fruit stands.

Hygge Supply founder and designer, Kelly Sean Karcher, said, “This home highlights the best of Hygge Supply: minimalist design, modern finishes, high comfort, and expansive windows that draw the natural world in. We invite people to put down the concept drawings and come live immersively in this intimate space. It’s a perfect spot to retreat and it may inspire you to envision your own modern sanctuary.”

The warm, experiential getaway was created out of Hygge Supply’s desire to support customers through the entire phase of building from concept to completion. The layout selected for the home is one of the most requested from Hygge Supply customers. Potential clients can also request a tour of the space by appointment by contacting a representative of Hygge Supply. The reservation calendar is currently full through November so interested parties are encouraged to book quickly.

Kit homes have grown in popularity among design-minded and eco-conscious buyers because of the lower costs, streamlined planning phase, and reduced waste of building materials. With Hygge Supply, customers can have all those things plus a desirable clean, modern, minimalist design and hundreds of ways to personalize your dwelling.

Because of the partnerships fostered during the production of this home, it is called the Birch Le Collaboration House to celebrate all elements of the space. On the exterior, Hygge Supply partnered with Thermory for the responsibly sourced, thermal treated spruce cladding. Hygge also used Marvin for all windows and doors in the home, which are produced in the US using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

On the interior, Hygge partnered with sustainable architectural material distributor, Cara Green, to source solid surface Durat countertops, which are made from 30-50% recycled hard plastics and are 100% recyclable. Low-VOC C2 Luxe paint was used throughout the home. All cabinets, vanities, and kitchen islands are designed and produced by Hygge Supply, using no-VOC powder coat finishes.

Hygge Supply partnered exclusively with Rove Concepts for the interior furnishings. With a focus on modern contemporary and Nordic designs, Rove Concepts aligned with the Scandinavian inspiration that drove Karcher to develop Hygge Supply. Hygge Supply also partnered with Fermob to furnish the exterior, creating a charming and elegant outdoor living and dining area in the large covered porch.

Established in 2014, Hygge Supply is chic minimalism born of utility, craftsmanship and supreme comfort. Derived from a Danish word meaning “cozy,” Hygge Supply imparts a sense of calm in every home, with clean lines, daring floor-to-ceiling windows and a minimalist interior.

Every floor plan is conceived with the Hygge ethos as a top priority, and materials and fixtures are selected from a stylish Hygge collection that Karcher put together to invoke high comfort. Models, which range from a tiny 350-square-foot home to a more spacious three-bedroom, can be applied individually or ordered in combinations to create a custom dwelling space.

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