A Cyberpunk vision of nocturnal Tokyo

Late-night taxi rides, rain-soaked streets, a fleeting glimpse of the last train home. Videogame designer-turned-photographer Liam Wong presents a neon-soaked journey into the nocturnal world of Tokyo. 

TO:KY:OO presents the city as it has rarely been seen: through the lens of a gifted image-maker and art director whose masterful reinvention of reality elevates midnight street scenes to cyberpunk dreamscapes.

Through the combination of self-taught camera work, the influence of creative masters such as Syd Mead and Hideo Kojima, his videogame designer’s eye and the development of his own software techniques, Liam Wong has created images that render Tokyo’s particular nightlife in a surreal form all his own.

‘I want to take real moments and transform them into something surreal, to make the viewer question the reality depicted in each photograph. This body of work encompasses my three years as a photographer and ultimately the completion of my debut photo series’ Liam Wong

A testament to the deep art of colour composition, this publication – art directed by Wong himself and produced to the highest printing standard – brings together a complete and refined body of images that are evocative, timeless and completely transporting. 

TO:KY:OO also features a section that reveals the creative and technical process of Wong’s method, from identifying the right scene to composition, from capturing the essence of a moment to enhancing colour values and deepening an image’s impact – insights are invaluable to admirers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Liam Wong is an award-winning art director, currently based in Japan. Graphic designer, game developer and photographer, he is best known for defining, designing and directing visual identities and was listed as one of Forbes magazine’s influential 30 under 30.

Photography by Liam Wong

TO:KY:OO is available now and is published by Thames & Hudson

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