FEIT Design from Lisbon

FEIT Design was founded in 2019 and was born from the desire to ally contemporary design to local craftsmanship, and build durable versatile pieces from solid wood and natural materials.

Combining traditional craft techniques and industrial production, each of their piece is finished by hand. Driven by their love for natural materials, they design and prototype objects in close collaboration with skilled craftspeople and leading producers.

FEIT was founded by Julie Cambier and Pedro Sousa. Julie grew up in Belgium and studied contemporary art followed by graphic design. In 2010, she moved to Vienna, Austria, where she has continued pursuing various projects in the fields of graphics, design and music. She trained in cabinet making in Vienna and then Lisbon while studying product design.

Pedro studied architecture at the University of Coimbra. In 2004 he established his own studio, TMA, in Lisbon, working on international architecture and design projects. He also worked as a visiting professor for several years in places such as Rome, Venice, Alghero, Lisbon and São Paulo.

Pedro and Julie’s comprehensive vision of the elaboration of the pieces and their close involvement in the production process result in a collection of designs with both a perfect finish and a distinctive signature.

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