Danish design by Bunn Studio

For the first time since the company’s founding in 1886, the entire Brdr. Krüger’s furniture collection can be experienced in one place, outside the workshop in Værløse, Denmark at Bredgade 28 in Copenhagen.

Brdr. Krüger’s traditional craftsmanship and timeless design, merge in the showroom with the stylistic Rococo frame of the mansion’s historic architecture.

The curation includes designs by OEO Studio, Studio David Thulstrup, Hans Bølling, O&M Design and Rasmus Fex, and are complimented by lighting from Nuura.

The eclectic staging is designed by the new Danish duo Bunn Studio, consisting of Marcus Hannibal and Louise Sigvardt, who have sought to balance the reflective with sensitivity.

The focus has been to create new surprising experiences in the field between the classic and the forward looking, much in the spirit of Brdr. Krüger.

Brdr. Krüger’s journey started as a small woodturning workshop in Copenhagen in 1886. Five generations later, Brdr. Krüger continues to be family owned and operated, with a passion for good craftsmanship, Brdr. Krüger collaborates with some of the world’s best design talents to create timeless furniture.

Brdr. Krüger has entered with the new Danish design company Nuura, as lighting partner in the showroom. Nuura’s design compliments the elegant Brdr. Krüger’s universe with material compositions of eg. brass and opal glass.

Brdr. Krüger’s choice of Nuura as lighting partner is among others based on a common Danish tradition for essential design, with a modern and international view.

Bunn Studio has in close collaboration with Brdr. Krüger designed and customized solutions in the showroom. The choice of materials, colors and shape is designed with a focus to bridge the narrative and the homely – the intelligent and the pleasant.

Wall panels are designed with reference to the classic ornamentation in the architecture of the Odd Fellow Mansion, yet with its own identity and zeitgeist.

The choice of materials such as limestone in the interior, draws the exterior materiality of the architecture and unites the building inside out.

Photography by Michael Rygaard

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