Hood River Residence

Located on the northern slope of Booth Hill, Oregon, the Hood River Residence is mindfully sited perpendicular to the hillside of the extinct volcano. The contemporary home artfully rests at the transition point between the agricultural valley and the forested hillside.

Nature, in form and experience, inspired the design of the Hood River Residence. Every design decision for the home was in response to the site that sits between the agricultural valley and the forested hillside.

From the exterior concrete wall that tucks the home into the hillside, protecting it from the harsh wind, rain, and frost coming from the south; to the transparent northern facade facing Mt. Adams and the Hood River Valley. 

In order to maximize views, the design of the home became a long simple bar split into two volumes articulating under one roof.

The concrete anchor connects the house to the landscape while acting as both filter and backdrop for the views of mountains, orchards, and farmsteads making up the Hood River Valley. 

The interior design also gives the utmost reverence to the materiality of the site and home. This is done with the use of Pendleton fabrics, locally crafted furniture, and a prized art collection.

The oil and ink paintings pay homage to the landscape backdrop and narrate the varying seasons of the Gorge. 

The modern furnishings are intentionally paired with soft leathers, textured throws, anchored by a curated rug collection which eloquently juxtapose the raw architectural elements.

Distinct in style yet reverent in form, this residence showcases nature in its truest form while giving nod to architectural modernity nestled amongst the hills. 

Photography by Pete Eckert

Architecture & Design by Scott Edwards Architecture

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