Music Shed

It is often out of tight constraints that interesting projects are found. For this project in Vancouver, Campos Studio were approached by a family of four who, as their children grew up, had filled out the space in their house.

After a few years of occupying leftover and impractical spaces for their music studio they were looking for a dedicated space to create music.

As their house occupied the maximum allowable area on the site they were originally looking for ways to carve out space out of their house.

In discussions with the architect, it came up that perhaps they could take advantage of a rule in the local building code that exempted structures under 50 square feet from adding to the total square footage allowed on their site.

The challenge became to create a small structure, in a tight and uniquely shaped site, that could become a sanctuary to create and produce music, be inspiring, unobtrusive, and secure.

Tight constraints. The strategy was to adopt the footprint restraints, both in square footage and placement on the site as the defining feature of the space and enhance it volumetrically.

Filling the most unusable space on their wedge shaped site the object adopted a triangular-shaped footprint defined by a single high skylight at the top of the volume.

When closed the object became a backdrop to the lush garden, a secret space in which to make music. When open, it integrated itself into the garden and transformed the deck into a courtyard.

Built out of simple materials and standard construction techniques the object provides a small but separate space, the studio allows them to have a creative space that is separate from the hustle and bustle of the house. A space dedicated to creating music.

Photography by Andrew Latreille

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