Moscow Modernism

Moscow, a brick building built in 1969. For more than half a century it has been occupied by Moscow “intelligentsia” (liberal community). When you enter the building you are greeted by a vigilant concierge and flowerpots. 

The building’s original architectural character has remained almost unchanged since the time it was constructed. Like the wooden mail boxes in the entrance hall that make visitors grab their smartphones and take a shot. The apartment boasts lots of vintage things as well, such as Soviet-time ceramic wall lamps and mirrors. 

Moscow based design company Dvekati aimed to save everything that could be saved, delicately restore and revive it and make it part of the new retro interior design.

Ribbon windows at the balconies provide a phenomenal city view, while three-meter-high ceilings make the rooms look more spacious and full of light and air.

Dvekati aimed to capture the aesthetic of the original Moscow apartment located in the historic part of the city, avoiding excessive decor. In their work they were inspired by the history of the place which is inextricably intertwined with the time it was built in. 

It’s a two-room apartment with a small kitchen where the family gathers for an evening chat. Dvekati came up with the idea to convert the kitchen into a comfortable gathering point. The living-room is now located in the biggest room with a large window and the kitchen occupies the former hallway. 
They also managed to fit in a guest bathroom and a wardrobe in the hallway area painted black-lead. The more private part of the apartment now boasts a compact laundry room. 

The walls are painted neutral gray paired with vibrant green. The window sill area in the living room is clad with veneer panels and has a worktop built in. Flourpots are incorporated into the furniture. The bathroom is clad in pink tuff. The same organic material is used in the son’s room. The bench in the hallway, as well as the vanity countertop and the wall in the guest bathroom, is clad in coral ceramic tile.

This combination of neutral colors serves as a great background for the ochre-colored timber elements and vibrant pieces of furniture and decor. The table, the kitchen isle, the TV stand, the bed in the kid’s room and all the built-in furniture is designed by us and custom produced. 

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