Slices of Time

NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula’s cultural platform for exciting design, art and fashion exhibitors, announces Tokyo based French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux as its latest exhibitor as part of its on-going design commission.

From Tokyo to Paris, the latest instalment of the globally renowned ‘100 colors’ series, expressing emotions from the experience of colours and layers around the world, arrives for the first time to the UK, to NOW Gallery. Slices of Time welcomes visitors to contemplate and acknowledge the importance of time within a busy, volatile world, and the relationship between now, the past and future. For Moureaux, the concept of ‘now’ is continually changing and inspired by the gallery’s namesake and significant location on the Greenwich Peninsula, close to the Meridian, the installation will be a composed construction of layers in 100 shades of colours and white.

The gallery will be filled with a large, complex and beautiful aesthetic of cut out coloured paper to create a floating representation of the earth. The shape, consisting of these carefully considered individual slices of colour designed to display distinct fractures of earth and time, offers a pensive space for guests to appreciate precious moments and think about oneself within the element of now.

To fully appreciate the calm and fluid order of time conveyed as part of the exhibition, guests are offered an opportunity to immerse themselves and pay homage to a date that’s uniquely important and special to them. Round paper will be available to write this chosen date in coloured pen, and why it is important. This will be placed on the window of the gallery, along a timeline which will create a kaleidoscope of different coloured dates. Encouraging guests to share an impactful date in this interactive way adds a further dimension to the observation of time when visiting NOW Gallery.

Since living in Tokyo and inspired by the city’s layers and colours that built complex depth and density, the French architect established “emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design” and created the concept of shikiri, which literally translates as dividing space with colour. By using colour as three-dimensional elements, like layers, Moureaux embraces colour as a medium to compose space and by doing so, encapsulates emotions through these colours. This concept is streamlined throughout her art, design and architecture as a constant, designed to evoke emotions through the still and endlessness spaces within forms of colour.

Commenting on NOW Gallery’s latest design commission, Jemima Burrill, Curator at NOW Gallery, said: Emmanuelle is renowned worldwide for seducing her audiences with her colourful installations and we are delighted to welcome and the latest addition to her ongoing ‘100 Colors’ series to NOW Gallery in London.

The measured detail, and calm considered order of Moureaux’s work seemed the perfect respite from these moments of perpetual change within the modern world. This exhibition will include everyone, giving them the opportunity to have a moment to enjoy colour and form in all its simplicity and complexity. Both elements will work together to surprise and saturate, providing a moment to think about a date of significance within colourful order. A contemplative moment for all.”

Emmanuelle Moureaux, added: “It’s a great pleasure for me to create an installation at NOW Gallery due to its very special location close to the Greenwich Meridian marking time and its special name, ‘NOW’. Now is always changing. I hope Slices of Time will offer a special moment for everybody to think about oneself and time (the now, past and future). Please come and feel a colourful moment and share your slice of time.”

NOW Gallery, the beating heart of this new area of London, continually seeks to create inspiring and contemporary work that places the visitor at the core. Working with leading names from the world of art, design and fashion, each installation aims to include an interactive element to allow the viewer their own personal experience of the work. Throughout the darker, winter months and by inviting visitors to write and share their personal, significant memories, Slices of Time will bring a bold new dimension to the gallery, changing and revitalising its state by flooding fractures of white and coloured light into the space, injecting a sense of tranquillity for all to enjoy at this time of year.

Photography by Charles Emerson

Slices of Time is showing now for free from 5th February – 19th April 2020.

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