XYZ House

The horizon is the line that emphasises the infinite — Victor Hugo

Axis Mundi studio’s ethos draws from the infinitely rich vocabulary of design and visual culture. They balance theory and practice, incorporating concepts and technologies that transform that language into new forms of expression relevant to today.

In this project, XYZ House sits majestically high in the Swiss Alps, the cruciform like assemblage contains three bold architectural volumes clad in corten steel.

Conceptually the project is organized by three mutually perpendicular planes (the three Cartesian coordinates of x, y, and z): An entry tunnel/bridge, a tower which contains the vertical circulation (staircase and elevator) and the main habitable space, which is suspended weightlessly above the valley below. 

In essence, this is a dwelling meaningfully stripped of all nostalgia from the material world. One is immediately reminded of the great German romantic poets and painters like Caspar David Friedrich and the poet Heinrich Heine, who’s work emphasized the tension between the daily world and the irrational and supernatural projections of creative genius.

 The project is a ruin from the future and its poetic power lies in its supreme muteness, as a place to contemplate the horizon and eternity in silence.

Architect: John Beckmann
Visualizations: Catalin Sandru
Wood Model: XiaoLun Chen
Total Area: 4000 sf. Major Materials: Steel and concrete structure, corten steel, and glass.

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