Dialogue in the Dark

Blockbuster global exhibition visits London; Dialogue in the Dark a sensory exhibition set in total darkness, designed to enlighten you and push you out of the comfort zone orienting you to a world without pictures.

Dialogue in the Dark is an immersive experience where visitors are led by blind or visually impaired guides in small groups through a specially constructed and totally darkened exhibition – where sounds, wind, temperatures and textures convey the characteristics of daily environments such as a park, a city or a bar. In the dark, daily routines become a new experience and dialogue sparks new ideas.

Dialogue in the Dark has been launched in London by Muse Projects and Other Fabrications designed and built the entire set for this “exhibition”, working with Muse Projects, Dialogue Social Enterprise and the team of visually impaired and blind guides who run tours and share their experiences and knowledge with visitors.

The purpose of the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition is to facilitate social inclusion and a forward thinking society on a global basis. Its aim is to change society by changing the way in which visitors view those with different abilities and the experience will help them to overcome false assumptions, false sympathy, prejudices and stereotypes.

Visitors will participate in a life-changing exhibition which will change their outlook on the world and challenge the norms. In the darkness those with sight will have to leave their own world of assumptions and momentarily experience a whole different world.

Huseyin Kemal Gunduzler, Director said: “Dialogue in the Dark is not your average immersive experience, it’s dark in there but a lot of light bulbs start switching on, in your mind.”

Huseyin believes that this exhibition sits in a very unique space, while many blockbuster exhibitions have an experiential aspects and smaller community focused workshops and experiences have a social leaning, Dialogue in the Dark manages to cover these equally.

“I certainly had a eureka moment when I visited Dialogue in the Dark Istanbul and six months later, we’re launching it London, we have a lot in the pipeline other exhibitions, experiences, workshops. The key here is to inspire people around us, there a lot of people with great potential we really want to help them maximise their potential.”

For more information check dialogueinthedarklondon.co.uk

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