LP House

Luiz Paulo Andrade Architects created this modest urban home in a village near São Paulo, on a site of 160 sq m.

The building area is the smallest possible with the intention of focusing on the outdoor area as much as possible.

Using basic elemental materials such as concrete and wood, Luiz Paulo Andrade Architects produce a minimal, yet tactile environment, that is both modern and cosy for the family that live here.

The house is an experiment on structures and concrete coating, so the structural pieces such as pillars, slabs and beams are all exposed, just like the cement coatings.

The living room and the laundry are located on the ground floor, where the kitchen is connected to the rest through a counter.

The upper floor has three bedrooms that attend to the family’s needs, and there is also a small attic with a studio and a balcony.

The courtyard garden to the rear provides shade and is accessible through a hatch to the kitchen.

Photography by Sidney Doll

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