Dogtrot Residence

This 3,500-square-foot residence is located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a neighborhood with flat, open, grassy sites with expansive views of Glory Peak, surrounding buttes and ranchlands. 

Long time visitors to Jackson, this retired couple from Pittsburgh, desired a house that would add substance to their 18-acre, prairie-like, site while maintaining an unimposing, modern, design. 

The form of the house is a simple 160-foot-long, 37-foot-wide rectangle with an asymmetrical gabled roof.  An 80-foot-long porch connects the garage to the main volume of the house and creates a dramatic entry sequence.

The exterior of the structure is clad in oxidized steel to blend with the landscape of this agrarian site.

The outdoor spaces are an important part of the program, with all interior rooms opening on to terraces that are carved out of the gabled form.

The terraces create depth in the building elevation and provide shelter from the variable Wyoming climate. The covered porches at either end of the main volume are enclosed with perforated siding that adds texture to the elevation and creates play with light.

The public space is housed in a transparent volume, bracketed on either end by a cast-in-place concrete fireplace and the kitchen.

The bedrooms reside at the building’s extremities adjacent to the covered porches. The interior expression is resolved in larch, steel, concrete and glass.

The interiors use a simple colour palette with oak flooring adding a Scandi element to the scheme.

The same wood is used in thin strips in the ceilings to create a sense of height and warmth within the building, essential in the Wyoming winter.

The firm worked collaboratively with the owner on the interior design. While the fixed materials palate is simple and pure, the furnishings embody color and whimsy that are reflective of the owner’s background of directing exhibits at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.

Project credits:

Architect and interior designer:  Carney Logan Burke Architects

Builder:  Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders |

Landscape Architect:  Agrostis |

Winter Photography: Matthew Millman

Summer Photography:  Audrey Hall

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