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More, what make & model was the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine? What did Al Capone drive? What’s the best car to make a hand-brake turn in? How many Bugs are in Mexico and what’s the design flaw on a 1972 Porsche 911? (*answers below)

More oomph, less Top Gear-style jeans.

February 2020

Ironically, I don’t drive. I legally can but morally don’t as I’d be off the road within minutes – taking the rest of the traffic with me, no doubt. It’s been about 30-years since I last drove, I had an early 1980s Vauxhall Chevette – lovingly referred to as ‘The Shove-it’ and I loved it and shoved it in equal measures.

I’d drive about five of us to The Hacienda and early one evening I spun it off the M6 exit to Crewe and then crashed into a wall outside a warehouse. We carried-on partying regardless but the bearings were never the same again. Not so much Wolf of Wall Street in in his white Lambo, more the Young Ones in Vyvyan’s Ford Anglia 105E.

These days you’re more likely to find me on a squeaky af second-hand bicycle in more-glamorous-than-Crewe, California. I usually buy one so that I can head out and photograph cars all day. I’ve now done this in 40 different countries but the west-coast remains the best place for a never-ending supply of photogenic mid-century classics, customs, hot-rods, RV’s and motorbikes. 

This month I’m keeping it easy with a selection of some of my fave California car photos. Also, I’m back there from March 16th so I’m getting myself in the mood. It’s February, it’s grim and what with Storm Ciara and Dennis we could do with some hazy-lazy-shiny chrome and blissed-out sun-chilled vibes.

Photos from one day: one coffee, one sunset, one evening beer drunk out of a paper bag in a car park near Venice beach.

The day starts with a 1967 Impala and coffee in Bellflower – a sleepy, traditional 1950s kind of town in Orange.

Nova, in ice-cold, fresher-than-colgate-toothpaste blue.

Ford Model A

1970s Chevvy Nova

1979 Chevy Monte Carlo

Back in Venice, Los Angeles. Don’t Donk your 1973 Impala. Or any other car for that matter!

One of those famous Venice Beach sunsets 

Cracking a few cold ones

Home to Los Feliz. A 1967 Eldorado Caddy

Bedtime. A 1969 Mustang


Yes, it was a Ford Econoline.

A 1928 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan (bulletproof).

A Ford Capri, obvs.

Too many.

An external oil cap in the same place the petrol cap would traditionally be so people kept accidentally filling it with petrol instead of oil. 

Words and photography by Sarah Feeney

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