Newron Motors

It was in 2009 that Sebastien decided to take up the challenge. The donor, an Aprilia Futura serves as guinea pig. He builds the first electric prototype in his garage. After one year of work it presents a prototype reaching 110 km/h and a range of 60 km. The performances are modest but the technique is there.

Newron Motors Company was created in late 2016 by Sebastien Mahut and Michel Serafin, two former aeronautical engineers.

In 2017 the project takes a breath and Newron takes up residence in the Usine IO accelerator in Paris. Contacts are formed with major players in the industry such as PSA or Valeo. Anne Asensio (Vice President Design experience at Dassault System, former design director of the General Motors group and former head of small and mid-range design at Renault) chooses Newron for orientation of design, design thinking and user experience. They optimize the frame, driving and global design orientations.

In 2018, winner of the Innov’Up prize at the Futur.e.s Festival in Paris, a merger with ADVANS Group (partners of the largest aeronautical groups Thales, Safran, Airbus) takes place. This partnership will lead to the development and testing of embedded software for the electric motorcycle, to improve the user experience (fast charge, 4G connectivity, smartphone app, digital dashboard)

Ongoing industrialization

In 2019, Newron made a number of partnerships to ensure industrialization of the project:

  • OEM suppliers for high end equipment (Bitubo, Beringer, Rotobox)
  • Connectivity and HMI (CarMedialab, Cobo)
  • Frame and chassis development
  • Design and fairings development
  • Prototyping and tooling (Erpro)
  • Accessory and lifestyle (Racer Gloves)

In October 2019, Newron signed a deal with Poulmaire & Associés Office to structure and develop the project.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

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