Imagine a world in which you can fit into any parking spot. With the Microlino you can do just that and more: due to its size it can cross-park and therefore needs only 1/3 of the space of a normal car. With the door in the front, you simply exit directly onto the sidewalk when cross-parked.

The front has been simplified and modernized and now has an LED stripe, with integrated blinkers. By night, it will look like a smiley face.

The car became slightly taller, in order to have more headroom. The side windows have been heightened as well in order to have better visibility. The A-Pillar has become thinner to further improve visibility.

The rear track has been increased by 50%, to increase riding comfort and safety. Because of this the rear design has been completely revised with an LED stripe with integrated blinkers, taking up design cues from the front of the car. 

Inside the steering column has been simplified and is not connected to the door anymore. For easy entry and exit, it can be folded forward.

The dashboard features a digital screen in front of the driver for better visibility. All information can be shown there. The interior is all about customizability. With the aluminium bar everything can be clipped on: smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and many more things.

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