Yoga Dojo

Designed within householder permitted development rights and within the wider context of the whole landscaping design, the Yoga Dojo is a standalone garden pavilion at the end of a planted walkway leading from the main outdoor terrace living-kitchen-dining space at the rear of the main house and sits under the canopy of towering Lime trees.

Intended to be a place for the practice of yoga and meditation it provides a distanced and calm retreat from the busy home. The building is highly engineered with precision detailing throughout and forms three main spaces connected visually through the building’s design and physically through the continuation of materials.

Keen to be honest in it’s construction, the engineering bricks used are exposed internally and externally and are set in whole brick dimensions. The structure of the roof is an exposed metalwork grid open to the main space.

Timber work throughout has an Asian feel and was charred on site concealing all the inner mechanical workings of the building including a separate WC so that each space has clean lines and quietness to it. 

The building has generous and refined glazing throughout providing the ultimate immersive connection of inside to outside, further enhanced by the connection to the external hot tub which is absorbed into the main building footprint in a glazed courtyard. Direct access from both sides of the courtyard provides a flexible showering experience.

The roof edge is carefully detailed so it appears incredibly thin and the sedum and glass combination helps to ensure the building has a light feel despite its size and has a subtle charm when viewed from the upper floors of the house.

Photography by French + Tye

Architecture and design by MW Architects

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