Living in a garage

Space is rare in Amsterdam. So when you can buy a lofty 230m2 garage in one of the loveliest neighbourhoods, you grab that chance. The only thing with a garage is: it’s dark. So the owners asked i29 interior architects to bring in the light…..they also added a dash of nature.

Natural light comes in through the roof windows. i29 kept colours and materials light and simple: stark white walls contrast well with rough oak surfaces, black surfaces and the grey cast floor.

The custom designed kitchen has a large wooden sliding door to cover integrated storage. In front of it we build a contrasting black cooking island.

Built in cabinets and the fire- place are made of the same contrasting materials to create unity.

Wooden walls from top to bottom with built in doors form the entrance to the more private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

For even more natural light, i29 created a patio between the living room and master bedroom.

To connect the inside with the outside even more, they designed a hand knotted car- pet with a natural mossy pattern. And yes, that green sofa adds to the outdoor-indoor feeling too.

Architecture & Design by i29 interior architects

Photography by Ewout Huibers

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