Ruben Dario

The project is a private apartment on the seventh floor of a new apartment building in Polanco, a residential and commercial area in Mexico City. The building faces one of the biggest and most beautiful parks of the city. For Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados (PPAA), the view of the park was one of the main priorities in the project, not only visually but also conceptually speaking; they wanted to “bring the park in”.

Therefore, PPAA proposed a big terrace facing the park that merges the exterior with the interior creating a feeling of being out there.

They eliminated the difference between the interior and the exterior by using the same floor in both spaces and by having a huge sliding window facing the park.

With this idea in mind instead of working with enclosed spaces PPAA proposed an open plan where the space can be read as a single continuum.

The architects minimised the use of small enclosed rooms. This was achieved by using a set of moving panels in each room, creating one continued flowing space from one side to the other of the apartment, where you can open and enclose the multiple parallel spaces facing the park.

With these set of panels, the user could communicate or enclose the kitchen to the living space and tv room, as well as open or enclose the terrace that overviews the park.

In addition, PPAA proposed all the spaces to be as neutral and clean as possible; so, all the fixed furniture attached to the walls was painted the same tone of white, leaving the rest of the furniture as the only protagonist.

Architecture & Design by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

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