El Arrayán House

In an elongated site with a steep slope towards the Mapocho River, in Lo Barnechea near Santiago, Chile. The brief of this house was to create privacy from the nearby neighbours and make the most of the mountain range view.

At ground level there are three groups of volumes intersected perpendicularly. A large central space concentrates the living room, dining room and kitchen.

To the north are three bedrooms connected by an elongated hallway. While towards the west there is a volume of services.

The house is surrounded by a series of patios, taking advantage of the different orientations and relating the interior rooms with each one of them. Patios are proposed as extensions of the house in daily activities.

Taking advantage of the proximity of the site with the Andes Mountains, the interior spaces open towards the east view through openings in the upper level of each wall, which allow connecting the interior of the house with the nearby peaks.

While the exterior wood cladding acquires dark tones from mineral pigments, which contrast with the nearby landscape, the interior spaces are characterized by light tones and high luminosity.

The positioning of the windows throughout the building protects the privacy of the owners from their nearby neighbours, and just focuses on the stunning natural surroundings and their garden views.

Photography by Nico Saieh

Architecture & Design by Oficina Bravo

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