Iredell Residence

The premise of the Iredell residence in Los Angeles, is to emphasise a sense of openness and horizontality. With two parallel structures, the residence is divided into public and private areas, connected through the kitchen, operating as a bridge between the two spheres. 

The extensive use of glass walls allows the living area to be completely exposed, extending the habitable surface of the open floor plan into the landscape and providing for a range of possible interactions between inner and outdoor spaces. 

The two-story private wing is rather enclosed, protected by an inner courtyard and hillside terrain on the other side. 

 A cantilevered roof extends pass the perimeter of the habitable spaces, sheltering open-air living and dining areas. 

These renderings show that the house will have a vintage Los Angeles quality, and would not be out of place in a Julius Shulman photograph from the 60’s.

The stonework on the external flooring also provides that vintage character and brings a familiar ‘LA’ language to the project.

The interiors are simple and use light wood cabinetry in the kitchen and dining areas which do not detract from the stunning views outside.

Nestled in a valley, the property has a seclusion and privacy on an epic scale.

The use of timber under the cantilevered elements give the structure a lightness and tactility and provide warmth offset against the stone floor.

Architecture & Design by Assembledge+

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