Easy Record Maker

Yuri Suzuki has collaborated with the Japanese publisher Gakken to create the Easy Record Maker. Designed with universal usability in mind, the compact unit has a simple interface and is able to cut blank vinyl disc and play them back instantly. 

This is the first time a record cutting machine has been readily available to purchase at a consumer level, and is aimed at both the seasoned record collector, as well as those first venturing into the world of vinyl.

Consisting of a cutting arm as well as a playback tonearm, the machine is unique in its functionality. To cut a record, the user simply plays audio through the provided auxillary cable or USB and then lifts the cutting arm onto a blank disc. Once the record is cut, users can instantly listen back to their recording through the tonearm and inbuilt speaker.

Yuri Suzuki and his team designed the machine’s concept and interface, while Gakken took on a technical and manufacturing role. The collaboration began almost five years ago, after initial discussions around creating accessible DIY instruments. 

In standing with Gakken’s educational and publishing background, the machine will be accompanied by a magazine detailing its design and background, as well as giving its diverse audience an insight into the vinyl cutting process. The unit functions at either 33 or 45 rotations per minute (rpm), and is supplied with 5 discs of blank vinyl, with more readily available to order online.

The Easy Record Maker is available now in Japan and will be available to buy online and at selected retailers later in the year.

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