Binge on Design

A round up of some binge worthy, design focused online documentaries to pass your time in isolation…….

Ilford Inspires: Brandan Barry
Ilford’s somewhat sporadic but interestingly varied youtube series documents an eclectic bunch of happy snappers (Jason Lee is worth a gander) but perhaps none as left field as Brandan Barry, who states at the opening of his film that he is a photographer, educator and has always enjoyed making things. Not surprising then that he makes his own cameras. More surprising is what he constructs them from.

Gary Hustwit
In 2007 Gary famously released “Helvetica” the world’s first nature length documentary about graphic design and typography. Since then he has gone on to produce 13 feature length documentaries including the award winning “I am trying to break your heart” about the band Wilco and “Rams” featuring Dieter Rams. During the Covid 19 outbreak he is streaming his films for free from his site. Refreshed every Tuesday. 

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Hauser & Wirth present “From A Distance”
Gallery consortium Hauser & Wirth present a new online series of personal videos from artists at home during these unprecedented times.

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Ann Arbour Film Festival
North America’s oldest festival for avant-garde and experimental cinema will be live streaming its entire programme. In doing so, it will attempt to recapture something like the collective atmosphere of moviegoing, albeit wildly diffused. More importantly, the fact that viewers have to either tune in or miss out (it’s a one-time only stream) makes it feel less like a series of films just temporarily available on a specific platform.

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