Crossing Lines: Basquiat + Haring

Due to the current Covid situation the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne has created a stunning virtual tour of their latest exhibition Crossing Lines telling the story of Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, the bad boys of the New York art scene who rose from their street art notoriety to mainstream darlings  who were championed by the Godfather, Andy Warhol.

The exhibition brings together over 230 of the most significant works by the two artists. You walk through the virtual space accompanied by an audio narrative. It’s an impressive selection of work, opening with their early street art and graffiti works and concludes with Haring’s “A Pile of Crowns” a painting he dedicated to basquiat after he died from an overdose in August 1988. Both artists died young, but the impact they made will remain forever.

Check out the exhibition & take the Virtual Tour here: Crossing Lines

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