Meditations on COVID-19

The virus SARS-COV-2 has its own hidden musicality which we can use to relax to and meditate on the current situation. Using the RNA sequence of the virus, Antoine Bertin is creating a series of audio meditations from home to explore what the virus is made of, and what the situation may teach us and inspire us to do.

The first mediation is based on a first snippet of the Coronavirus genetic material translated into sound by associating each letter of the sequence (A,U,G,C) to a musical note. The tempo of the piece, increases like the pandemic increases, according to an exponential curve, and slows down according to how we expect it to slow down if everyone stays home !

Photo by Pierre Baëlen

Born in 1985, Antoine Bertin is a graduate of the ENS Louis Lumière and of the London College of Communication. His work intersects science and sensory immersion, field recording and sound narration, data and musical composition. His creations take the shape of listening experiences, sound sculptures and audio meditations on the realm of the living. His work has been presented at Tate Britain, at the Palais de Tokyo, at the Serpentine Gallery as well as the KIKK, Blue Dot and Sonar+D festivals. 

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