The “Carapate” offers a maximum of possibilities in a minimum of space. Ingenious and comfortable, it’s your best asset during your weekends and trips. It weighs just 450kg depending on the options, allows it to be towed by most cars. Its dimensions (3.20 meters / 1.90meters ) make it a handy vehicle, easy to move and winter. It will pass all the parking gantries and tolls at no additional cost.

Its panoramic windows and its large side awning allow you to enjoy exceptional views that nature offers. The insulating qualities of wood promise you beautiful nights, summer and winter! Its carefully studied bedding is delivered with the compliments of the sandman.

A recent innovation for the “Carapate” means you can now cook up delicious meals outdoors and indoors. A mattress, in three parts, adapts to your lifestyle: sofa, corner, outside or unfolded for the night.

Solar panel, shore socket, 220 v sockets, USB, cigarette lighter; so many possibilities to enjoy the “Carapate” while traveling or at the campsite.

This camper with retro-design style is mainly made of wood: marine plywood. The qualities of this material are multiple: renewable, recyclable, resistant, insulating and naturally aesthetic. All textiles are the result of an upgrading process.

It comes equipped with a solar panel and LED lighting for reasonable energy consumption. The compact size of the Carapate guarantees minimum fuel consumption when travelling.

Born in the 1930s in the United States, the “teardrop trailer” has been very successful.

Since its first production in California, this camper has always been inspiring. Modified over the years, it benefits from technical and aesthetic improvements.

This vehicle has the same functionality as a caravan: sleeping space, kitchen and storage, all in a reduced and optimized space. It is also easy to move and store.

The designers, Fabien and Jean-Marie met on the benches of the Pivaut school in Nantes. Both were studying Design and Interior Architecture.

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