Vitra 2020 Collection

Vitra have announced a collection of new furniture and homewares, available in the autumn. These include the Chaise Tout Bois, a chair by Jean Prouvé made entirely out of wood, the new Moca chair by Jasper Morrison, the Citizen lounge chair in a novel interpretation of this seating typology by Konstantin Grcic, the Vases Découpage by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, and more to be announced.

Chaise Tout Bois

Chaise Tout Bois is the only chair by the French ‘constructeur’ and designer Jean Prouvé that is made entirely out of wood. The design is very similar to Prouvé’s famous Standard chair, but wood was substituted for the metal base due to the scarcity of metal during the Second World War. The warm look and feel of wood contrasts appealingly with the practical structural design, which is typical of Prouvé’s functional approach.


The Citizen lounge chair combines an unconventional design with a new way of sitting: the seat is suspended on three cables, enabling a pleasant swinging movement and a unique dynamic experience for the sitter. Citizen is characterised by its tubular steel frame, which defines the structure and shape of the chair. While the seat and backrest are upholstered, the metal structural elements remain visible.

Vases Découpage

The Vases Découpage each consist of a cast cylindrical vessel combined with a set of abstract slabs and bars made of clay, which can be attached to or placed inside the vase. All of the elements have a distinctly handcrafted appearance and exist in a variety of colours – and together they create poetic compositions that look different from every angle.

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