Villa in Miyama

The Villa is located in the sloping lot overlooking Old Karuizawa in Japan, facing east. It’s designed with a very primary cubic volume of 9.9 meter x 9.9 meter.

There is the “open interior” which consists of the living room and dining room and the “closed interior” with other spaces.

The “open interior” is carved out from within the cube. It’s an “open space” inside of the “closed space”.

“Closed interior” is composed of private rooms, bathroom and library where you cannot see from the living room nor dining room.

There are two stairs to access there and you need to enter inside the walls surrounding the living room and dining room to reach to the “closed interior” area.

Endo Architect and Associates (EEA) deliberately set out to explore this idea of open and closed spaces within a building.

Given the rise of the almost-invisible thin walls or glass walls, architecture now refers to a space quite fragile – like a soap bubble’s surface.

EEA are hoping to design spaces that are somewhat violent, where that mass of architecture itself defines the boundaries.

Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures come to mind, where a chisel can cut out a single block of marble to make it transforms into a “space.”

Photography by Hiroshi Ueda

Architecture & Design by Endo Architect and Associates

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