Casa de Sambade

Based on the vernacular of the place, this project’s intention had, as the main goal, the creation of a contemporary space without disturbing the peace of the surrounding countryside.

A pure volume, with rectangular base, Casa de Sambade is adjusted to the ground and opens into the green landscape.

The volumetric purity sets the mood for the project and the new inhabitant of the place is, now, one of the terraced fields of the perfectly balanced ground.

Thus, the act of inhabiting unfolds through the volume of concrete, pure & raw, adjusted to the ground, just waiting to grow old as the days go by… reflecting the life of the countryside.

The materials are elemental and tactile and the interior palette reflects that philosophy. The architects, spaceworkers, sought to create a modern interpretation of the country house, here in Portugal.

spaceworkers is an architecture and design studio located in Paredes in northern Portugal, founded by the current creative directors Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis and by its financial director Carla Duarte.

The studio based its practice on the exploration and constant search of new paradigms of contemporary architecture in order to achieve a close relation between the form and emotions.

The work of the studio reflect the pragmatic vision with which they face the challenges, and the critical spirit that evaluate the context that surrounds them, appealing to the sensibility of its clients for a new way to face and perceive space in its sensorial dimension..

Photography by Fernando Guerra

Architecture & Design by spaceworkers

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