Saddo: Rappers Portraits

Rappers Portraits Series 

Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, Saddo started his artistic career as founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground.

His street art activity brought a fresh fun vibe to his way of perceiving art and the world, and opened doors to many different projects, commissions for advertising agencies, collaborations with galleries in Bucharest, Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Glasgow, Salvador, etc.

Saddo – Tupac

Going through many different phases and influences, from horror movie posters, street art, comics, Saddo has recently developed his style into more elaborate shapes, with many different influences from Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Bosch, Brueghel, Walton Ford, Henri Rousseau, naturalistic illustrations of plants and animals, Islamic miniatures, pop surrealism, religion, mythology.

Saddo – Missy Elliott

This series of portraits of some of Saddo favourite rappers, made in the last 2 years, for an upcoming solo show…

Saddo – AAP
Saddo – Shabazz Palaces
Saddo – Skepta
Saddo – Mac Miller
Saddo – Biggie
Saddo – Drake
Saddo – Kendrick
Saddo – Jay-Z

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