Villa 22°

In Villa 22°, water serves as the connecting element. Not only did water play a unifying role in the construction process when pouring concrete, it also has a defining function in which the villa is experienced and perceived.

As you enter the villa you are presented with an interplay between light and shadow, created by the form and angles of the chosen materials.

This is a villa in which a sleek geometric interplay of lines – with a leading role for concrete, glass, and wood – forms a symbiosis with the rippling water in the swimming pool.

This alliance between the hard, unyielding nature of the concrete, the warm appearance of the applied elm wood, and the rippling water gives Villa 22° a welcoming and homely feel.

The swimming pool is the central feature of the house. The architects, dreessen willemse architecten, created large windows to see under the water from various angles in the interior.

This creates an underwater cooking experience from the kitchen.

The furnishings are pared back and considered, allowing the wood, concrete and glass elements to take centre stage.

The villa lies nestled in a hill in the rural landscape of the green, leafy foreland of the Meuse river, in the Netherlands.

The elongated design invites, offers security, and provides a unique living experience with an alternation of privacy and transparency.

The name Villa 22° is inspired by the specific location of the building, which lies on a slope of 22 degrees. By pure coincidence, the house number also happened to be 22.

Photography by Hugo Thomassen

Architecture & Design by dreessen willemse architecten

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