Damian Hirst x Snapchat

Damien Hirst and Snapchat have joined forces in support of Partners in Health to create an art filter which mimics the process of Damien’s famous spin art paintings.

Now everyone can create their own unique renditions and share them with the world.

“It’s amazing to be working with Snapchat on this totally mega spin art lens and making it possible for millions of people to make their own spin paintings right from their phones. I’m so happy that this partnership also supports Partners In Health, a brilliant and forward-thinking organisation that helps communities in developing countries around the world cope with the devastating impact of COVID-19.” – Damien Hirst

Hirst first experimented with spin art way back in 1992 and created his first commercail piece from his studio in Berlin in 1994. At his first ever showing of the painting Hirst invited his audience to make their own drawings on a spin machine nad today through the magic of this filter anyone in the world can make their own versions of these iconic paintings.

Spin out here:

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