Ogmios Zen Master

Ogmios School of Zen Motoring

Anyone who regularly finds themselves behind the wheel on the chaotic London streets knows how quickly levels of frustration can reach boiling point. It gets to us all at some point. But, there is another way. A calmer way. A more considerate way. And that way is with the Ogmios School of Zen Motoring.

We should all take a leaf out of the Zen Master’s book to achieve ‘better flow’ and what better way of learning from him than tuning into his latest episode of Zen Motoring.

This strangely compelling video sees Ogmios sharing his wise words as he cruises the North London side streets on his way to a Pan African, Globalist Flat Earth Disco, or was that the Anarcho-Thatcherite, Minimalist Car Boot Sale? Join Ogmios on his thrilling yet relaxing drives around London to find out.

Warning: the ASMR vibes bite hard on this one….

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