Sound of the Earth

We featured Pentagram sound designer Yuri Suzuki back in March with his DIY record player, and now he’s back in collaboration with the Dallas Museum of Art to present “Sound of the Earth: The Pandemic Chapter”.

This online depository of collected sound, in which you are invited to contribute, links our current isolated states through captured sounds from around the globe.

Photo Sergio Souza

As they say themselves…”In this moment of tremendous change and uncertainty, the Dallas Museum of Art in collaboration with experience and sound designer Yuri Suzuki wanted to create an open platform for people to express themselves and to capture our shared experience of the fleeting moments around us during this period. Through our collective observations and the simple act of listening, we hope to provide participants with a moment of global shared empathy and a means of connection. While physical isolation is often necessary in this current moment, connection is more important than ever.”

Yuri Suzuki by Mark Cocksedge

It’s a compelling experience spinning your mouse round the globe interface mixing sounds together.

Give it a spin HERE and see if you can find the Decor Punk entry 🌀

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