Red Rock

This ensemble of buildings includes a one-bedroom house, and a combined guesthouse and garage located on a densely wooded site in Red Rock, NY.

Red Rock House interprets the concept of “machine in the garden,” where minimalist form and a contemporaryarchitectural vocabulary accentuate the relationship between built work and natural landscape.  

Located on a densely wooded property, the site is defined by a steep slope, a vertical rock ledge, and a creek that floods seasonally.  Carving terraces for buildings and landscape out of the natural topography revealed opportunities for integrating the project with landscape, views, and daylight.

A 200-foot long, board-formed concrete retaining wall holds the site’s east edge, exposing new plateaus forbuildings, garden, and meadow.

Clinging to this wall, the guesthouse anchors the building assembly in the steep hillside, while a linear bluestone path connects guesthouse to main house.  

Continuing, the stone walk skims past the structures’ edge and leads to a balcony in the treetops, projecting out toward the creek below.

A minimalist materials palette evokes both precision and rusticity, reflecting the juxtaposed orders of architecture and landscape.

Buildings are clad in a high performance rain-screen of knotty western red cedar, milled with multiple profiles whose shadows generate a pattern that changes with the sun’s movement.

The boards are organized within vertical bays delineated by aluminum T-sections, producing a textured rhythm that accommodates openings and fenestration.

White interiors emphasize the play of light, as well as visual and experiential connections to the outdoors.

Red Rock’s orthogonal forms create attenuated echoes in the landscape.

Aluminum lattice volumes and projecting windows simultaneously offer shelter and exposure, suggesting porosity between outdoors and in.  

Rectilinear structures are reflected in linear retaining walls, the paired planes of terraced garden and meadow, and the pergola’s extended, virtual ceiling. 

Photography by Jane Messinger

Architecture & Design by Anmahian Winton architects

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