Shoichi Aoki

Shoichi Aoki is a Japanese photographer and the creator of STREET Magazine, TUNE Magazine and FRUiTS magazine. Aoki was born in Tokyo, began documenting street fashion in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku area in the mid 1990s when he noticed a marked change in the way young people were dressing.

Rather than following European and American trends, people were customising elements of traditional Japanese dress – kimono, obi sashes and geta sandals – and combining them with handmade, secondhand and alternative designer fashion in an innovative DIY approach to dressing.

He was one of the pioneers of documenting what we now refer to as street style and his early magazines were the Holy Grail for stylists at the time.

Last week Shoichi put his archive online allowing people to download these rare out of print magazines for the first time.

You can download them HERE

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