Nevada City, CA – Geoship is introducing the bioceramic geodesic dome to the world. The technology merges the work of two of history’s greatest inventions — Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Geometry and Professor Rustum Roy’s Ceramic Crystal Chemistry. Fuller compared the domes they were building in the 60’s and 70’s to “wooden spaceships” — the right shape built with the wrong material.

He predicted it would be 50-100 years before the material science would catch up to his new geometry. Right on cue, in 2004, the general theory and compositions of Roy’s ceramic crystal chemistry was announced. Geoship brings together the geometry and materials that maximize efficiency and believes that bioceramic domes will replace wood boxes as the ‘bread and butter’ of 21st century home building.

Bioceramic domes bypass all conventional building materials. The framing, insulation, and panels are 100% bioceramic composite materials. The ceramic is entrained with air to make insulation. The ceramic is combined with basalt and hemp fiber to form the panels and framing.

Estimated go-to-market turnkey prices will be $45K to $230K (depending on size). This price estimate includes everything: delivery, permitting, installation, mechanical systems, interior finishing, appliances, and even electrochromic glass for privacy and passive solar heating/cooling.

Bioceramic domes are a mass production technology that enables the leap onto a new affordability curve. 

The precast ceramic panels could actually sequester more CO2 than was released in their production. The raw minerals can be harvested from seawater desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, and other non-toxic waste stream sources. Old bioceramic panels can be recycled into new bioceramic panels, or pulverised and used as fertilizer. 

Geoship enters the market as a visionary community building brand. It partners with corporations and cities to transcend homelessness — generating awareness for its evolutionary technology and business model. Geoship serves ecologically and spiritually focused customers who envision a world that works for 100% of humanity. Their ultimate market is affordable regenerative homes in next-generation communities around the world. 

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