Virgil Abloh’s Drop 1

Back in December Virgil Abloh announced his Louis Vuitton collaboration with Human Made’s pioneering designer Nigo stating “Me being at Louis Vuitton is directly attributable to work Nigo’s done in the past. A collab project with him – it puts his work in the right context.”

Fast forward to now and the stand alone collection Drop 1 has, well, dropped. Patchwork elements are fused with distinct usage of cutouts, embroidery and printing across the denim pieces with extensive use of both the Monogram and Damier check patterns fusing things together.

The level of detailing is insane and beautifully considered with Nigo’s Japanese precission really coming into its own: the monogrammed ice cream drips seen on the bags and the back of the denim jacket are 100% Nigo.

Set to launch on two separate dates (June 26 and Aug 28), the LV2 collection is a one-off range combining the aesthetic sensibilities of both designers.

Tailoring (with a twist) is a focus of the collection, reflecting as it does the English subcultures that inspired Nigo’s early designs, and the relaxed tailoring that Abloh has been championing at Louis Vuitton.

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