On Your Bike!

With bike sales up almost 200% in the past month many people are looking for alternatives to public transport right now.

Meet Angell, a new smart bike from a French startup led by Marc Simoncini. The company announced its first electric-bike at the end of last year and it is now available to pre-order. And the goal is to make an e-bike that is smarter than everything out there.

When it comes to hardware, the Angell e-bike comes with an aluminum frame, integrated lights and a removable battery. It has a 2.4-inch touch screen to control the bike. The battery should last 70km on a single charge. There are also turn signals that you can activate with a button.

The Angell e-bike comes with everything you’d expect from a connected bike and that you can already find on Cowboy and Vanmoof e-bikes. It connects with your phone using Bluetooth and has an integrated lock and alarm system. If somebody tries to steal your bike, the bike will play a loud sound. If somebody manages to steal your bike, you can track it using an integrated GPS chip and cellular modem.

But Angell wants to go one step further with its integrated display. First, you can select different levels of assistance directly on the bike itself. You can display information on the screen when you’re riding your bike, such as speed, calories, battery level and distance on the screen. You can also set an emergency contact so that they automatically receive a notification if your bike detects a fall.

More interestingly, you can set a destination on your phone and get turn-by-turn directions on your bike. In addition to arrows that tell you when you’re supposed to turn, your handlebar vibrates as well.

But the real clincher is the weight. Most e-bikes pile on the pounds making them difficult to carry up stairs to your apartment. Angell manages to weigh in at a very reasonable 14kg which puts it on par with many un-assisted bikes. Combine that huge benefit with electric assistance and a well thought out operating system means Angell should definitely be on your check list.

Meet Angell HERE

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