Quarantine Barbie

Former 80’s model Tonya Ruiz has used Barbie dolls to mimic life during the pandemic.

On her Instagram account @grandmagetsreal, Ruiz has been creating and photographing realistic scenes with Barbies since October 2017. Her account shows what Barbie might actually do in real life, like decorating her kitchen and working from a home office.

Once the pandemic struck, Ruiz became inspired to replicate what she and her family have been experiencing in recent weeks using her dolls and miniatures.

Ruiz believes her “quarantine Barbies” are so popular because they’re relatable.

“The people that are commenting and sharing this and liking this are from every country,” Ruiz said. “It’s relatable no matter where you’re living — everybody’s been in some sort of a quarantine or lockdown.”

She’s also received countless messages from people who seem thrilled to find that there are finally Barbies out there that look like them.

The attention to detail is what makes these dolls funny and strikes a chord that everyone can relate to at the moment – hairy legs, bad hair, stretch pants and zoom calls in boxer shorts 👌

Tonya as a real life Barbie in the 80’s

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