Lake House

Casa do Lago [Lake House] was designed for the 25th edition of CASACOR Minas Gerais, a Brazilian event that is part of the most complete architecture, interior and landscaping design exhibition in the Americas.

It is perfect for those looking for a cozy and private refuge, in line with the surrounding nature, to escape the modern world.

Surrounded by eucalyptus trees, a beautiful yard and a private lake overlooking the Serra do Curral’s mountains, Casa do Lago was built in only 45 days in steel structure, providing longer spans, and at the same time, producing much less waste products.

The indoor living space has a fluid design, with few partitions between the interior spaces.

Most of the furniture bears the signature of Maurício Bomfim, one of the creators of the architectural project.

Among them we can see the Cloud armchair, the Steel sofa, the Hug bed that seems to be floating and the Tripod bench.

The free flowing arrangement highlights the marble sculpted bathtub which sits with emphasis in the inner space.

The open plan living area is complimented by the curves and details of the kitchen design, which sits comfortably next to the soft furnishings.

A carbonized wood technique was applied to the façade, where it was also decided to use large glass panels interrupted by glass bricks, thus promoting light and natural ventilation inside the house, ensuring the much desired integration with the outside environment.

Other highlights are the two eucalyptus trunks, which can be seen from the inside of the house, and the mirrors scattered around the yard, so that people can look at themselves reflecting and meditating in the midst of contact with nature. 

Photography by Daniel Mansur & Henrique Queiroga

Architecture & Design by Janaina Pacheco Arquitetura & Estúdio MB

Project Team: Janaina Pacheco, Maurício Bomfim, Pedro Hastenreiter, Amanda Portilho, Renato Toda, Mateus de Morais, Maurício Coelho

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