Agrela House

A house for books. The challenge started with a premise from the client: space for many books.

Immediately, the architects, spaceworkers, looked to the many classical renaissance libraries, with sliding stairs that reach to a book mountain.

That was the motto of the intervention: a high space capable of generating the composition and hierarchy of these interior spaces.

As the idea evolved and the volumetric experience formed, this led to the functional differentiation of the interior spaces, crating a roof as a restless mass with different heights.

The roof also figures itself in a fifth facade and influences the idealisation of the other ones. The surface is textured with cues from Frank Lloyd Wright.

Suddenly, spaceworkers had created a dense, heavy, monolithic roof that needed to be subverted, giving an idea of a levitating mass that is slightly lying on light wood and glass.

Inside, the roof creates interior spaces that are accessed from staircases and moving ladders.

The use of sky lights is also an essential agent of the composition.

The built elements – especially in concrete – seek to register the passage of time through its form and texture.

This form, similar to the roof variations, assumes ups and downs, protrusions and recesses, allowing it to keep the time with the representation of the shadows during the different hours of the day, giving a dramatic silhouette.

As the time passes the textured concrete will naturally age and will be more integrated in the rural Portuguese surroundings. The same will happen to the wood base, the older it gets the more magnificent it will become, enriching the house.

Photography by FG+SG

Architecture & Design by spaceworkers

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