The OP-S CONCEPT is a complete smartphone synthesizer, that fits in your pocket!

Inspired by the simplified design language of OP-1 & OP-Z synth by Teenage Engineering, Gris Design have combined the flexibility and processing power of smartphones.

This concept lets musicians take their music production system with them. A full keyboard, audio I/O with 32bit DAC, built-in 4 high-capacity surrounding microphones, front-facing speakers, immersive screen and a set of three cameras that makes up a perfect tool to CREATE as well as SHARE the creative process on the go!

The OP-S packs not one, but TWO audio jacks too… one for monitoring on your headphones, and another that lets you send sound out to a speaker setup or a laptop running your music software of choice.

Designed to also be a pretty capable smartphone, the OP-S comes with a three-camera setup and a camera bump that actually does something pretty smart by propping up the phone in a stable way to enable you to use the keyboard without your phone rocking back and forth.

Gris Design are an industrial design studio finding solutions through research, creativity and computation. Gris is based in Madrid, Spain and co-founded by Aman Agrawal and Samuel De Sosa.

*This project has NO direct relationship with Teenage Engineering, it is NOT a product in development or in manufacturing. It is a work of admiration for Teenage Engineering design team as they are an inspiration to many musicians and designers.

See more at grisdesign.com

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