Everyday Experiments

Ikea’s research and design lab Space 10 has launched a web-based platform EverydayExperiments.com, which gathers some of the most interesting interior design digital trends.

Conducted by design and technology studios, the experiments focus on AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and cutting-edge Spatial Intelligence.

Ideas include using mobile device as a tool to experience how sound moves around a space to augmented reality turning furniture into living creatures, to spark your children’s imagination.

Fredrik Axén, Digital Manager Core Business Franchise, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. said:“The future home should be about the people first. It’s a place for everyone to be safe, to feel comfortable and in control. Technology is quickly becoming a vital part of the IKEA customer experience and home furnishing offer. Being a values-driven brand, we focus on people and planet. As we enter a new digital era, we are also exploring new ways to create a better everyday life at home, while protecting people’s privacy.”

Through projects with forward-thinking collaborators IKEA and SPACE10 aim to design innovative solutions for tomorrow. EverydayExperiments.com is a platform where design and technology studios come together to engage, spark discussions, challenge convention and inspire action through new collaborations. The collaborative experiments have been developed with the intention to create a better everyday life at home.

Living in the same space over years people become accustomed to their living environments and lose sight of the potential of their homes. How could we use technology to rediscover fresh ways of looking at our space to rethink our environment?

Bas Van De Poel, Creative Director at SPACE10, said: “Home – especially these days – plays an important role in how we develop our everyday interactions and relationships. It is not only the place where we live but the place where we work, teach our children and where we connect with the world digitally. We believe, the more we learn about the next curve of design and technological innovations, the more we can help people to make tomorrow’s life at home, and with each other, even better.”

See more: www.EverydayExperiments.com

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