Las Golondrinas

Las Golondrinas is locaed in Peña Blanca, Valle de Bravo, in México. 

The project takes place in the upper part of a plot, leaving the surrounding nature intact and opening up to the views of the mountains.

The house is thought of as a retirement home, a place of disconnection and rest where at the same time they can spend long periods out of town.

Taking into account that the house was designed for a large family and with guests, PPAA Architects wanted the house to have privacy and views as a priority.

The house is organised into three independent volumes housed within a large sloping roof, the space between these three volumes generates a covered terrace that becomes the social place during the day.

Each volume responds to a function and part of the program, in one block are the room, in another the social part and in another the kitchen and services.

PPAA covered the house in a matte-black rendering called Corev Mooth so it would compliment its surroundings at the top of a sloped plot.

The communication between these is done through covered and semi-open corridors part of this large roof that also works as a covered terrace in each of the parts and as a space between interior and exterior.

An angled wall runs along one side of the bedroom volume so each room gradually increases in size.

The unusual shape also creates a triangular hallway outside the bedrooms that is flanked by windows with wooden frames offering views of the garden.

The window frames and shutters are made from a tropical tzalam wood coated in sealer that gives a reddish hue.

Large windows, glazing and shutters break up the black walls of the house to open up to the exterior.

Photography by Rafael Gamo

Architecture & Design by PPAA

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