Rapscallion Rebrand

Rapscallion Soda had been making soft drinks since 2016 and had reached a point where it needed to overhaul its packaging to fit with the new equipment that was purchased to help increase production. Rapscallion needed to change to a 250 ml can, so the opportunity was there to establish a new, confident packaging with clear shelf appeal. Rapscallion has a loyal following in the café culture scene and was also making good waves in the 50 plus age group due to the low sugar, low calorie nature of the drinks, so branding agency Freytag Anderson tried to appeal to a wide audience.

The solution came about after getting to know the owner Gregor Leckie. Freytag Anderson wanted to capture Gregor’s voice and charm, and his passion to make the best juice possible, using only the best local raw ingredients and fruits that are in season. Gregor is meticulous in his approach and attention to detail.

With stainless steel and glass beakers around, his production felt more like a Breaking Bad–style laboratory. So, with help from Render Studio, they wanted to create something that had a clear scientific quality to it, but still have that unexpected cheeky twist, hence the name Rapscallion.

Gregor had already committed to producing a lot of new cans, so Freytag Anderson had to quickly get the designs approved and the labels ready to avoid holding up production, something that could have been damaging for a small business. This meant they had to run the first batch of new labels without any colour proofing, which they were nervous about, but the printers did a fantastic job of matching the specifications and they turned out great.

The deliberate short stop label was a favourite feature as it helped to reference the production side of things. The new tall cans were reminiscent of the tanks used to hold the juice, and it also created a nice canvas for the label to sit on.

Freytag Anderson wanted to hero the fact it was a label on a can rather than hide it. And also, the cheeky tasting notes on each product. The sodas’ humorous flavour descriptions like “Fiery Throat Kick” and “Juicy Wee Tart” represent Gregor and his Glasgow, Scotland, roots.

They looked at old medicinal packaging, in which the packaging was specific and functional, and the typefaces were intentionally monospaced and machined. They wanted the cans to feel unlike any other sugar-laden soda that you might have seen on the shelf. These are well made, scientifically produced and good for consumers, so the design team wanted to play up that idea. They also wanted to create something that was representative of Gregor, the production quality and Rapscallion itself.

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